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                                                                                     A Monster's Touch

Denver police officer and helicopter pilot of Air One, Carmen Bravo is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. A grown-up merger of Scooby Doo meets Nancy Drew, but no zany shenanigans here. This is real life where bad things happen. Werewolves, Yeti, and Wiccans. Oh my! Naturally, Carmen doesn't believe in any of these beings. There is something else afoot.

Danger, monster, and betrayal lead her over the globe, but what she really needs proves elusive. Carmen searches for that one woman who completes her heart. As usual, fate intercedes to dump more bedlam into her lap just when she's sure she's found the one.

Just like Carmen, Grace Wickford is more than she seems at first glance. With a spellbinding aura and a mischievous black cat as a familiar friend, she may be just what Carmen needs.

(Coming July 1st, 2023 from Flashpoint Publications)

                                               Excerpt from A Monster's Touch

A fresh burst of adrenaline spurred Carmen into moving. Free and with reinforcements on site, she focused on getting Katie out of this alive. “Let’s get something to tie them up. The others will show up in a minute wondering what’s going on.”

“I don’t think we have time.”

Carmen noticed a dazed, faraway look in Grace’s eye. She appeared almost entranced. “What’s going on?”

“They’re coming. We have to get out of here. Now.”

Grace grabbed Carmen by the collar and hauled her toward the back door. Carmen took a few hobbling steps, hissing at the pain in her leg. She tried to shuffle faster, calling to Cricket as they struck out for the rear door. They only made it half the distance before Carmen heard Tiffany’s men on the front porch. A slug buried itself in the door frame as Carmen and Grace hurtled through. The sound of the gunshot reverberated in her head and caused her ears to ring. Wood from the pine walls splintered
and peppered the air around them. Carmen hunkered over and dashed out of the cabin right behind Grace. They leapt off the back steps and onto the forest floor.

“That’s far enough!”

Carmen slid to a stop with Grace beside her. Tiffany and Sahari stood a few feet away with weapons drawn. In seconds, Leo exited the cabin with Mike. They formed a loose semi circle around the two.
Scratches and bite marks covered Mike’s arms and face. One particular wound on his cheek sported clear bite marks that bled profusely. He looked seriously pissed. Eddie merely looked dazed. He swayed on his feet, but held tightly to the knife he’d recovered. Tiffany’s face twisted into a snarl.


“I knew that idiot would make a mess of things. We’ll just have to do this the hard way.” She shifted her gaze to Leo and Mike. “Shoot them.”

This is it, Carmen thought. No more chances. No other way out. She looked out over the treetops to see predawn streaks of red on the horizon. Carmen took Grace’s hand. She smiled when Grace looked at her. “I love you. Close your eyes. You don’t want to see this coming.”

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