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                                                                                       The Bar-b-Que

Not safe for work. (NC-17/Erotica) Also not an uber. This is an original.


It started with a race that day. She participated in it along with her twin sister. They looked identical in every way, with short blonde hair parted casually on one side and twin mischievous smiles. Even their cornflower blue eyes twinkled in exactly the same way when something delighted them. Most people insisted that there was no way to tell them apart. But I could.

Ellen didn’t make my pulse race or my nipples tighten with only a casual glance. Evie did.


Her name was Evelyn, but Evie fit her so much better. She was a friendly, joy-filled woman of thirty-five who had never met a stranger and in the two years I had known her had come to mean everything to me. I had always kept my feelings to myself but after so much time my heart and my libido had started to make demands of me.


I had flirted shamelessly with her for the last twelve days. I knew it was that long because I could vividly remember the exact moment I gathered my courage to tease her. I could still see the shock that had registered in her eyes when she realized what I was doing.


She never protested my gentle flirtation, only accepted it as another quirk previously undiscovered in her friend and so far she had not responded in kind. That fact didn’t keep me from shouting and cheering for her as loudly as possible while she raced against her sister.


Music thumped loudly from the stereo speakers mounted over the patio and the scent of charred meat wafted into the air from a pair of charcoal grills, but the focus was on the game. I wouldn’t have cared if the grilled meat burned away to a cinder. Evie was about to compete and my blood thumped through my ears in time with Heart on the stereo. The song that shook the speakers couldn’t have been more appropriate if I had chosen it myself. All I wanna do is make love to you…


Contestants paired off and the games were about to begin. The race was a tag-team event. Ellen and Rae were paired while Evie had chosen to race with Jackie; a mousy-haired, slightly overweight cardiac nurse that I could easily see suffocating her more needy patients with a pillow.


The object of the game was to start near the porch and race to the fence, about fifty yards, where a pair of baseball bats lay on the ground. The contestants were to put the tip of the bat against the ground and rest their foreheads on the other end. They had to walk around in a circle three times, drop the bat and stagger back to their teammate as quickly as their off-balance equilibrium would allow. Once they tagged their teammate the process would be repeated until the last of the victorious team crossed the finish line.


It was a stupid game, but with free-flowing beer and a hot Texas sun overhead I decided that was what bar-b-ques were for. Besides, who was I to argue with seeing Evie in a tight pair of cut off shorts? Her rock-hard leg muscles flexed as she waited for the race to start and my mouth went dry. My eyes took a slow trip over the contours, hills and valleys of her perfect form and my tongue cleaved to the roof of my mouth.


She turned her head suddenly and our eyes locked. The unmitigated want on my face must have been blatantly clear and her eyes narrowed in a small frown of confusion. Ellen drew her sister back into the game with a casual swat on the arm and the moment was gone.


Ellen and Jackie were the first contestants and it was clear who would win from the outset. Jackie had pounded back so many brews that she had trouble running in a straight line to the bat, much less away from it.


Evie encouraged her teammate and never lost patience even when Ellen returned and sent Rae on her sprint toward the bat.

Finally Jackie returned and Evie shot away while I bellowed encouragement like an enraged bull. As I watched Evie run my blood pressure went up another couple of notches. I decided then and there that it was a good thing our society dictated that people wear clothes. Otherwise everyone would be able to witness the obvious signs of my sexual desire for this woman.


Rae wasn’t as graceful as Ellen and she began to lose ground as she staggered like a drunken insect while she circled the bat. Evie began to catch up and they dropped their props at virtually the same time to sprint back toward the finish line.


In my excitement I managed to plant myself directly in the path of Evie’s headlong rush. Too late to slow down she plowed right over me and knocked me to the ground. The breath left my lungs in a rush but I thought it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened since she landed right on top of me.


Evie’s breasts were soft and full against me and the look of excitement in her eyes pinned me where I lay. She didn’t move to get off or apologize and I didn’t want her to. I knew it was the excitement from her competition that I saw reflected in her eyes, but for a moment I wanted to believe it was passion for me.


Her strong thighs straddled my own and cocooned them in a welcome prison of warm flesh and strong bone. Her hands supported her as they rested on the ground on either side of my face and she was close enough for me to inhale her beer-scented breath as she panted her exertion. It was as sweet as July ice.


No one else seemed to notice our predicament as they prepared to cheer on the next set of gladiators and I was too lost in the feel of her body to care. Then her eyes narrowed and she lowered her head toward me. Full lips parted as she closed the distance between us. She was about to kiss me in front of all those people, in front of her sister.


Suddenly self-conscious I turned my head away slightly and watched confusion fill her blue eyes.


"I don’t understand. You’ve been chasing me for two weeks. Isn’t this what you wanted?"


The hurt and accusation clenched my heart but I was too much of a coward to admit the truth. "I was just teasing you."


She stared down for a second and then began to climb off me, but the pain in her face and the devastation I knew I would feel once her weight was lifted motivated me to a course of action. I reached up to cup her soft cheek and draw her attention back to me.


When she looked down I said softly, "Not that I would mind."


She smiled and I knew it would be all right. That is one of the many things I like about Evie, her forgiving nature.


Her pupils dilated. My nipples tightened once again. Then Jackie bent over to throw up two feet away from us and effectively ruined the moment. A few people got Jackie cleaned up and out of the way where she could sleep it off. Dusk lingered until it progressed into night and still the party raged on. The night progressed with a lot more beer. The music got louder and couples began to pair off in the darkness. Fireflies flickered around the park-like yard and added to the fairy tale venue, heightening human sexuality.


We all knew each other well, were adults and most were very drunk. Some of the guys, eight of them, put their names on a list for ‘stud service’, and seemed to have an endless supply of takers. I had never been to an orgy before and was both profoundly shocked and a little turned on.


Evie didn’t participate in such foolishness. She sat on the ground and leaned on the porch while she quietly sipped from her beer.


Jason, a long time friend, approached me. His words slurred a little but he bravely and almost nastily threw down a challenge. "What about you? Why don’t you hop on a cock?"


He knew I was a confirmed lesbian and I had always thought he was fine with that. Apparently I was wrong, but I had no intention of making a scene in the face of his drunken bigotry.


"No way in hell," I said in a falsely light tone. "Besides, I’ve seen who the participants on that list are."


Jason looked like he would get angry for a moment. Then he laughed and walked away. I supposed since he wasn’t on the list it was all right to make fun of those who were.


I let out a relieved sigh and moved away in the darkness to find a secluded bench between two maple trees. I had thought myself unnoticed until a few minutes later when a warm body wandered out of the night to sit beside me.


Evie didn’t have a beer in her hands at the moment and she looked very clear-eyed. I would have wagered that she hadn’t had more than two all night. She tended to nurse her drinks rather than guzzle and I had never seen her even slightly tipsy. I myself cannot hold my liquor and had only drunk a few. Before she joined me on that bench I had felt a slight buzz, but suddenly I was completely sober.


She sat down close. She was close enough that our shoulders and thighs were pressed together hotly. "If you’re not interested in the participants, what about me?"


She leaned in close to ask her question and her breath brushed sensually against my face. I knew what she meant and my blood surged white-hot through my veins. I glanced around to see flashes of naked flesh here and there as couples or small groups thrashed together in the night.


Surely not like that. Not my Evie?




Somehow she understood everything in that one word. She knew I wanted to say yes, but that I would never agree to such a public display of lust and animal fornication.


Her hands were on my face as she looked into my eyes. "Trust me."


The words were whispered just before her lips closed over mine. Starbursts went off behind my eyes and an excited expulsion of breath gasped past my lips at the first soft touch. It was more than I could ever have believed.


Evie pressed down gently until she lay on top of me on the bench. I kissed her back gently as I tried to convey what this beautiful, gentle soul made me feel. Evie returned the soft, toe-curling kisses and punctuated them with gentle nips of her teeth along my neck and the lobe of my ear. I wanted so much more from her and her touch drove away thoughts of the bodies scattered around us.


She caressed my body and tried to grasp my nipples through the material of my shirt and bra. The sensations made me groan and reach around her. My hands slid under the top of her shorts until they were filled with twin globes of warm, naked flesh. I pulled her against me and groaned when she pulled away from my lips.


"What…where are you going?"


She didn’t answer. She reached out to pull her button-down shirttail out of her shorts. Then she unbuttoned the shirt to create a tent that would shield us from prying eyes.


"No one will see, but I am going to make love to you. Please don’t stop me."


I couldn’t have if I had wanted to, and I didn’t want to. Her words created goose bumps of desire on my arms and legs. "Touch me."


Evie smiled. Her nimble fingers lifted my t-shirt and unclipped my bra. Material was pushed aside and finally her full lips closed on my nipple. I panted through an open mouth as I tried not to scream my pleasure out loud. My fingers were buried in her hair as I held her head to my breast. For long, agonizingly sweet moments Evie tortured me with lips and teeth until I felt I would explode.


I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted inside her and I wanted her to be in me. When I started to fumble with the snap on her shorts she relented on my breasts and caught my lips in another burning kiss. I opened her mouth with my tongue, avid where before I had been tender.


Soon our clothes were completely open to each other and there was no hesitation as we each sought desire-slick flesh. I slid easily into her with two fingers. Evie was drenched and my hand was immediately covered with her desire.


Her long fingers opened me completely. Nothing else existed but a desire to consume her utterly. Simultaneously we moved, stroked deeply and searched for the spot that created the most pleasure. My thumb brushed against Evie’s clit and she jerked. Her lips parted from mine and she panted into my ear. Evie began to thrust against my fingers while she pushed into my soaked body more urgently.


"Yes," I hissed into her ear. "Do it, Evie. Fuck me."


Evie stiffened and groaned as the sudden release washed over her. Her orgasm triggered my own and I held onto her tightly as we continued to move and arch into one another. I felt the orgasms burn a trail from my abdomen, through my groin and tingle sharply on the backs of my thighs. Over and over the sensations surged until I thought I might not survive such a colossal crest. I had begun to think I would not stop coming when the sensations finally began to lessen.


We spent a few minutes trying to catch our breath and then began to kiss again. The passion was not sated, merely abated for the moment. I could feel it begin to rise again, irresistibly like the tide. Before I could allow that to happen I had to tell her the truth. I pulled away to look into her moon-washed features and she looked at me curiously.


"I lied. I wasn’t just teasing you."


Evie smiled in that way she has; the one that can melt your heart with a simple twist of the lips. That smile is a little shy, a little embarrassed and at the same time pleased beyond measure. My reaction to it was the first indication to me several months before that let me know how much I loved this woman.


"I want to love you again, but I want to see you," Evie said. "Will you come home with me?"


"Yes, Evie. I’ll go home with you."


I’ll always go home with you.


The End.



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