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                                                                                     Endless Quest

This is a revised version of the previously released novel Beyond the Garden. While this story is about the first woman, Lilith. It is not an overly religious novel. Rather I consider it a romping adventure story about a woman doing everything she can to make man's world a better place to live.

History portrays Lilith as a demon, sometimes a protector. To Lilith, she is only human. A very old human who simply craves surcease from bone deep loneliness. In this modern day Indiana Jones style epic, love and compassion compete with adventure and peril. From the dawn of modern humans, Lilith has witnessed it all. First hand encounters with depravity and cruelty have left her soul weary. She desires nothing more than for her immortal existence to end. Rumors of an artifact that will grant her fondest wish send her across the globe in hot pursuit. Along the way, she meets a woman that can help her achieve that goal.

Through untold dangers, action, adventure and romance, Lilith and Diana Reed eventually discover the item they seek. However, things are not always what they appear to be. The story concludes back where it all began, in the Garden. Lilith is forced to choose, but will it be Diana or her own selfish desires that win out?

                                   Released 1 July 2022 by Flashpoint Publications

             Ebook copies may be purchased at Flashpoint by clicking on the link above.

             Paperback copies are available through Bella Books and many thanks as always

         to the readers. Without you, writing would be pointless.


                     As always, I can be contacted by clicking here if you have any concerns.


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