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The print version of this story is 266 pages long from Flashpoint Publications. I sincerely hope the readers feels they receive their money's worth. Flaw in Logic has tons of action as well as romance, magic and science fiction. There is something for everyone. There is also a hand drawn map I created included. This novel is also available in a real Hard Copy through Amazon. Thank you, Patty!


This romantic adventure follows Commander R'cey Hawke, bounty hunter. She leads a mission to a backwater world to retrieve one of the Amalgam's most wanted. When her space vessel crash lands, R'cey must work with a group of locals who believe in magic, of all things. R'cey soon finds herself on an epic quest that takes her across unbelievable realms. Battles with harpies, imps, golems and the Demon Aamon open her eyes to possibilities other than her own version of reality.

Princess Thalia Dumont's pact with a magician has an unexpected result. That ill-conceived bargain forces her on a dangerous journey. King Lotar lies under a dark spell and Thalia must find the cure. Along the way, she meets an off-world stranger that will change how she sees the universe.

Ebook copies are available through Flashpoint Publications

Paperback copies are available through Bella Books. As always many thanks to the readers. Without you, writing would be pointless.


“Monarch of the Western Kingdom, ruler of Honui and defender of the crown, Queen Thalia Dumont.”


The acoustics in the stone room caused the words to echo throughout. As one, all in attendance dropped to one knee. R’cey, Martinez and the other Hunters responded slowly, but copied the others. While some bowed their heads in respect, R’cey craned her neck to get a look at Thalia. The Queen didn’t disappoint.


Thalia stepped into the room and R’cey forgot about everyone else. She felt breathless when she saw Thalia. Jewels encrusted the royal cloak, catching and reflecting the lighting like multiple prisms. Soft white fur caressed Thalia’s neck before giving way to the purple that fell like a waterfall to the floor, sweeping behind her as she walked. Thalia wore the same type of white silk trousers as R’cey. She also carried a sword. Unlike R’cey, Thalia wore a pair of simple white gloves and a midnight blue, long sleeved shirt. Her heavy gold crown stood at least ten inches in height, dwarfing Kilik’s simple diadem.


Jewels also covered the crown. Small rubies and emeralds encircled the head covering and framed a single diamond the size of R’cey’s fist. A silver sword hung at Thalia’s side, but failed to hinder her movements. Thalia stepped into the center of the platform without hesitation.


“My friends and loyal subjects, please rise.” Thalia hesitated a moment to allow everyone to follow her command. “We are here today in celebration of renewed peace in our kingdom. I am pleased to announce that many of our countrymen, who once sought to displace us, have renewed their oaths of fealty to the crown. Sadly, there were some who chose voluntary exile as an alternative.”


R’cey wasn’t surprised. There were also those who would disapprove and create strife. Better to let them go then to hang around and become a cancer. Thalia’s show of strength impressed R’cey.


“Tonight, we focus on the good fortune that has turned the tide of insurrection. Brave people from another planet risked their own lives to offer us assistance. Join with me as we recognize two of those brave souls. Commander R’cey Hawke and Commander Yolie Martinez, please come forward.”


R’cey swallowed hard. She and Martinez shared a look filled with confusion and trepidation. Someone shoved R’cey on the back and she stumbled forward into the long clearing leading up to the dais. She stared hard at Martinez until the Hunter joined her. Together, they proceeded toward the queen. Despite all the hardships encountered during her career as a skip tracer, this minor action seemed the most difficult thing R’cey had ever done.


A kaleidoscope of butterflies took up residence in her stomach until she looked up and met Thalia’s eyes. Once their gazes locked, R’cey focused solely upon her love. She soaked up Thalia’s appearance and the pride she found in her eyes. She took comfort from her remembered touch and allowed her love to give her strength. The butterflies disappeared as she halted a foot away.


“Please kneel.”


R’cey felt the weight of Saraphax’s words as an order. She knelt without hesitation, wondering if the woman had used magic upon her. A quick glance to her right told her Martinez felt something as well. R’cey intended to maintain Thalia’s gaze throughout this rite, but found herself powerless to do so. She bowed her head and fixed her gaze upon the wooden floor.


Thalia stepped in front of R’cey, half a foot away. When she drew her sword, R’cey heard the steel scrape against the frog. For an insane moment, she wondered if Thalia meant to decapitate her.


The queen took over for Saraphax, speaking to the crowd. “Your bravery is an example to us all; monarch, citizen, warrior and servant. We are proud to call you friend. We are proud to make you family. Commander R’cey Hawke, by the right of the monarch, by the right of the council, I dub thee Knight of Honui.”


The flat of Thalia’s sword struck R’cey upon the right shoulder. Judging by the strength of the blow, Thalia intended it to be one R’cey never forgot. The blade left her shoulder and a second later, R’cey felt the weight of another slap to her left shoulder. She barely stopped herself from flinching. Beside her, she heard Martinez chuckle. Then Thalia stepped over to Martinez and R’cey found herself stifling a snicker.


Thalia repeated the words and struck Martinez in a similar manner. R’cey had the satisfaction of seeing Martinez flinch. Once finished, Thalia stepped back and Saraphax bid them to rise. R’cey stood with Martinez beside her. Thalia surprised them by offering each a hand. She pulled gently and R’cey found herself standing on the platform. Thalia released hands and stepped toward Martinez. Apparently, this ceremony wasn’t quite over.


She frowned a bit as Thalia cupped Martinez’s face between her hands. Thalia stepped in and kissed the Hunter on each cheek before releasing her. Then Thalia stepped to R’cey. This close, she soaked up Thalia’s scent and the warmth of hands upon her cheeks. Thalia eliminated the slight distance and kissed R’cey briefly upon each cheek. R’cey expected it to end there, but Thalia surprised her again by pressing their lips together.


R’cey heard a slight collective gasp behind her, but was too amazed to react. By the time her brain started working again, the brief caress had ended. 

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