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                                                           Updated November 3, 2023                      


     Welcome to my  website. Here, readers who have followed my J/7 Fanfiction since 2002 can still find those stories. I have since moved on to published novels. I am publishing now with Flashpoint Publications, previously Regal Crest. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the other lesbian fiction publishers, authors and readers who have encouraged me along the way. Thank you all. 

     I've just finished writing and signing the contract to a brand new novel called Beseiging the Moon. This work is the long awaited sequel to Destination Alara. It will be due for release sometime in  2024.


In the meantime, A Monster's Touch was released on July 1st, 2023.  It is available for sale at Flashpoint Publications, and Amazon. I really loved writing this story. From a personal standpoint, I believe it is the best thing I've written since Destination Alara. That my own cat, Cricket, is a main character is wholly beside the point.

      A shout out for Ann McMann of Treehouse Studios who, as usual, did a fantastic job on one of the most wonderful covers I think I've ever seen.           


                                            To read an excerpt from A Monster's Touch click  here.                      




A Monster's Touch.jpg

Danger, Monsters, and betrayal lead Carmen Bravo over the globe. A grown up merger
of Scooby Doo meets Nancy Drew, but no zany shenanigans here. This is real life where

bad things happen. Werewolves, Yeti, and Wiccans. Oh my!

Just like Carmen, Grace Wickford is more than she seems at first glance. With a

spellbinding aura and a mischievous black cat as a familiar friend, Grace may just be

what Carmen needs.

Proud Charter Member and Board of Directors member
of the Opus Literary Alliance.

Have you checked out the all new Opus Literary Alliance?
Part of their mission statement is to support lesbian, women loving women, and sapphic literature.


To find out more about each of my novels, click on the link below. Thank you all for your unwavering support. I can be contacted by clicking here.

                                                                     PUBLISHED WORKS

I'd love to hear from you. Email me here

MY BOOKS    Nine time finalist Golden Crown Literary Society. Two Time
                                                      Rainbow Award Winner
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